Craniosacral + Fascial = Powerful Bodywork

(9/30/2015) This weekend I’ll be taking a “Cranialsacral Fascial” workshop with Dr. Barry Gillespie. He’s developed a bodywork system that integrates craniosacral work with fascial release.

Fascial tissue is connective tissue that runs throughout the entire body in an unbroken web. It surrounds and penetrates every organ, every muscle, every structure in your body, such that if everything else in your body were taken away, the whole shape of your body, inside and outside, would still be there.

Fascia does contain nerve fibers, but in addition it has its own mechanisms of communication that are still not fully understood. In recent years international conferences on fascial research have been held at Harvard University and other venues.

When dysfunctional restrictions are removed from fascial tissue, everything in your body has the potential to work better. This workshop will give me one more way to help you achieve the well-being you’re looking for.

  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Half-and-Half (massage + craniosacral)
  • Customized Therapeutic Massage
  • Massage during & after pregnancy
  • Oncology Massage
Margaret Connolly RCST - 610 202 4778

      At the end there, it felt like I was floating on a cloud. That was just when you said things were starting to move more freely.

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