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“I was first introduced to Margaret a number of years ago at the yoga studio where I was taking classes. I sustained a neck injury in 1998 and had been using massage from a health maintenance perspective to address both the neck and lower back. I worked with a number of therapists, but until I met Margaret, did not find someone who could approach the issue from both a biomechanical and a holistic perspective.

“As a Licensed Occupational Therapist, my education and background in anatomy provide me with a knowledge-based approach to massage. Margaret also understands the body and how it functions from an anatomical perspective. As a yoga instructor, I approach massage from a more holistic perspective and recognize the benefits of the mind/body/spirit interaction. Margaret’s holistic approach to massage and the understanding of the impact of massage on all body systems is beneficial.

“In 2007 I fell and fractured my wrist and Margaret was an integral part of my healing process. She worked with the trauma sustained in the rest of my body post fall and surgery, in addition to providing deep tissue massage for scar reduction and improved mobility. I would highly recommend Margaret for anyone who is seeking massage from a preventative as well as a curative perspective.”

“I’m an avid walker and also take two forms of martial arts. A friend suggested massages to ease the tension in my muscles from walking and sitting at a computer daily, and I began to work with Margaret. I had the usual neck and lower back achiness.

“I also mentioned that in warmer weather my left ankle swells although there is no pain or tenderness. Margaret indicated it might be lymphatic fluid build-up and offered to incorporate a particular type of massage to alleviate the swelling. For the first time in a few years the swelling has gone down. Not only did she diagnose the problem accurately, but she also offered a non-medical solution to the problem. She is the perfect complement to my exercise program.

“I had my first prenatal massage with Margaret Connolly at 34 weeks pregnant. I had already tried a prenatal massage at [a well-known, high-end massage salon that shall remain nameless] and had been greatly disappointed in the experience – the therapist would only provide a very light version of the regular massage and was not able to work on problem areas like the back or the sciatica.

“After some weeks with some severe back pain, I decided to give Margaret Connolly a try – it was fantastic.
She is clearly trained to work specifically with pregnant women and the pregnant body. After a few weeks of massages, my back pain was completely gone – it is amazing to be feeling so great at 38 weeks. Margaret not only solved my back problems, but she also greatly improved my carpal-tunnel and ankle-swelling issues. What a difference a trained professional makes! I appreciate the value of therapeutic massage – the right practitioner makes all the difference.

“I first came to Margaret as I was training for my first marathon. As you can imagine, a marathon demands a large number of miles to be run in training – and this puts a large strain on the body. As I started increasing my mileage to more than 30 miles per week, I felt that no amount of stretching on my own could relieve the tightness and soreness I would feel. This was especially true as my weekly long runs would top out at 18-26 miles! I would stretch and ice my legs, but I was finding that I could not recover enough to keep up my training schedule. I then reached out to Margaret.

“At my first visit I felt tightness and soreness in my legs and back.
Margaret took the time to understand where I was feeling discomfort and would focus on these areas. I found that after just the first session my body recovered much faster and I was finding my runs – especially my long runs – much easier to complete.

“There was also a cumulative effect.
As I continued to see Margaret leading up to the marathon, I felt that my body was more limber and stronger. I can happily report that I completed the marathon. Having logged over 1200 miles last year, I do not think I could have done this as pain-free and successfully if I had not pursued massage therapy. Thanks, Margaret!

“As part of the Narberth Day Sidewalk Festival, I stopped at The Yoga Garden presentation and hesitantly accepted an offer of a therapeutic massage which Margaret Connolly was offering. And it has improved my physical and mental well-being! I have peripheral neuropathy which causes numbness and excruciating night-time foot pain (just like the TV commercial of burning feet). Because of the loss of sensation, I had recently decided I was not a competent driver and sold my car and have been doing a lot of walking.

“I soon realized I had to keep my body in good physical condition, so I decided to put that “found” no-car money into body maintenance and started therapy – every-other-week massages with Margaret, which not only keeps me moving, but has relieved the nighttime foot pain! She has not only improved my physical condition, but improved my mental attitude. What more can I say?

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