Craniosacral Therapy

This light-touch therapy releases tension patterns your body/mind is holding as the result of all the challenges it’s absorbed and retained over a lifetime.

These restrictions can cause pain and other wide-ranging negative effects on health, both emotional and physical. Craniosacral therapy releases these restrictions, and is also one of the most de-stressing forms of bodywork you’ll ever experience.

An hour is an ideal length of time for a craniosacral session. Your intake session will be longer so that you can fill out an intake form, pursue any questions that you might have, and discuss your experience of the hands-on work afterward.

Craniosacral + Other Advanced Techniques

A 90-minute session based in craniosacral therapy might also include, depending on your needs:

  • fascial techniques to release adhesions in the fascia (connective tissue that runs in a continuous web throughout the body)
  • lymphatic techniques to move lymphatic fluid (the lymph system is basically the garbage-collection system in the body; lymph nodes are where immune cells break down pathogens that have invaded the body and other materials that need to be eliminated)
  • visceral manipulation to address problems in the gastrointestinal tract, including digestive sensitivities and irritable bowel syndrome
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