Testimonials Policy

I’m a bit of a private person myself, and many of my clients are too. And so I choose to publish testimonials without any identifying details.

In the past I’ve worked at places where people know each other, at least a little bit. And I don’t want people reading testimonials to be wondering, “Is Susan Q. that woman in my sisterhood?” or “Is F.C. that person I was next to in yoga class last week?”

I’ve talked with some of my clients about this, and I know they feel the same way.

Marketing experts say that the very best testimonials are ones to which people will sign their full names. I know that.

But not everyone is comfortable doing so, and I don’t want some people to feel pressured to match the level of self-disclosure that is comfortable for others.

Particularly in the case of craniosacral therapy, I have also found that people will write about their experience at a very intimate level if they can do so anonymously. That way we can learn more about what craniosacral therapy can accomplish than we would learn if we restricted ourselves to more public statements.

I think that even the extroverts who are comfortable identifying themselves may write more or write differently when they write anonymously.

I come from an academic background, and I do care about knowing my sources. I keep private notes for myself identifying who said what to me, and when. That goes for both the longer testimonials and the short quotes elsewhere on this website.

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