Lower Merion Craniosacral Therapy Answers: Why Craniosacral Therapy?

All of us experience difficult challenges and transitions at some time or another. And though we can be capable of great strength and resilience, we often absorb the tension we experience as we go through these things.

Having soaked up a lifetime’s worth of tension patterns, could you use a means of releasing them? Do you suffer symptoms such as insomnia, depression, anxiety, aches or pains? Do you need a way to encourage your body to heal?

This article discusses craniosacral therapy, a gentle and non-invasive treatment for relieving a wide range of physical and emotional symptoms. But health is about more than just the absence of symptoms; it’s about being free to pursue your true purpose.

Lower Merion craniosacral therapy can help you achieve both aims.

Why Choose Craniosacral Therapy in Lower Merion?

I don’t believe in forsaking all traditional medical intervention. Nonetheless, in conjunction with or following traditional treatment when it’s necessary, craniosacral therapy can be an excellent means of restoring your functionality.

Craniosacral therapy works by addressing the craniosacral system using light touch. Unfamiliar with the craniosacral system? It’s the network of fluid and membranes that surround, protect, and nourish brain and spinal cord.

This fluid has its own natural rhythm, which when disrupted can cause motor, sensory, and neurological problems. Its proper balance and flow is essential to your overall wellbeing.

As a Lower Merion craniosacral therapist, my job is to detect restrictions in this rhythm and use gentle motions to correct them. This process is deeply soothing and de-stressing; you will lie comfortably and fully clothed while I scan your craniosacral system for disruptions. Unlike chiropractic therapy, there will be no hard, sudden motions.

The result? Once your craniosacral system is restored to its natural rhythm, your mind and body will be able to release patterns of pain and illness at their source.

Lower Merion Craniosacral Therapist – Reach Out Today!

I would love to address your concerns and introduce you to craniosacral therapy in Lower Merion. As a craniosacral therapist of many years, I have a long history of helping people attain greater wellbeing through this sustainable treatment.

In addition, I am certified in a wide range of therapeutic modalities, so I can make use of multiple techniques depending on your individual needs. I am also happy to work with pregnant women and mothers, having been certified in corrective medical massage during and after pregnancy since 2003.

To get in contact with me, please call (610) 202-4778. I look forward to speaking with you!

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