Craniosacral + Myofascial = Powerful Bodywork

This weekend I’ll be taking a “Cranialsacral Fascial” workshop with Dr. Barry Gillespie. He’s developed a bodywork system that integrates craniosacral work with myofascial release. Fascial tissue is connective tissue that runs throughout the entire body in an unbroken sheet.

Amanda Bennett, THE COST OF HOPE

Very few books prompt my inward spirit to bow to the book’s author because her work represents such high achievement. But that is how I felt when I read The Cost of Hope by Amanda Bennett (Random House, 2012). It

What Will You Feel During Craniosacral Treatment?

Sometimes clients have a dramatic response to their first craniosacral session, and sometimes not. Clients who are likely to feel less than others might include elderly people or people suffering from multiple debilitating conditions. Say that over your lifetime you’ve

Bodywork and Cancer

If you’re a cancer patient, you might be dealing with a wide range of symptoms, physical, emotional, and spiritual. In her textbook Medicine Hands: Massage Therapy for People with Cancer, Gayle MacDonald, MS, LMT, lists thirty benefits that bodywork can

How long should a massage during pregnancy be?

It depends. Let’s say you come to see me when you’re not really uncomfortable. But when I work on your muscles, I can feel that they’re congested, and you can feel that they’re sore. That’s the best case. The muscles

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      At the end there, it felt like I was floating on a cloud. That was just when you said things were starting to move more freely.

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